4 Ways to Attract the Workforce of the Future

Jason Mills
Co-Founder - Brand Strategist

recent study of millennials by the Intelligence Group found 64 percent of this age group says it is a priority for them to make the world a better place. But what does that mean?

Why should any of this matter to employers? Because attracting millennials is going to be key in the next five years. According to the same study, 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020, representing 50 percent of the total working population according to this article by PWC. It is in every organization’s interest to attract, retain and motivate millennials.

In 2008 88% new hires were looking for employers with CSR values that matched their own, and 86% would consider leaving an employer whose values no longer met their expectations.  Millennials at work Reshaping the workplace

So how do you attract this generation of do-gooders?

  1. Contribute to social or ethical causes - Companies need to make thoughtful decisions when it comes to donating to causes. Not only should these charities fit the personality of the company but also fit the values of its employees.  According to this article by Fast Company, this is what Millennials really want.
  2. Create transparency, engagement, and work-life balance as a standard practice - Involving the community of the company is the key to the success of any effort. Giving control to the participants makes more of an impact and moves the idea of “my” company does good to “we” do good. By unleashing the Flow of Information at work organizations show they value their employees. Harvard Business Review. 
  3. Expand the role of the corporation beyond the interests of shareholders - Keeping your eye on the bottom line is important but the impact is far greater when the bottom line is backed by meaningful contributions. What is the purpose of the firm? Shareholder and stakeholder theories. 
  4. Give employees the ability to have a social impact through their careers - when a job is all about the work, even though the work may be exciting, given the opportunity to do good during the work day makes the job more fulfilling and worthwhile. The Power of CSR (in Dutch)
“The desire of Millennials for pragmatic action that brings results will overtake today’s emphasis on ideology and polarization as Boomers finally fade from the scene.”

Millennials ditched their parents’ ideology but kept their insistence on a better world. Harvard Business Review

Doing good has quickly become a critical part of any company’s long-term strategy – not just in marketing, but in recruiting: As consumers are more concerned with where products come from, employees now want more from their employer than just a paycheck. They want a sense of pride and fulfillment from their work, a purpose and more importantly a company whose values match their own.

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