How we helped's 14,000 employees get excited about sustainable tourism

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What we did

Over the course of 6 months, we’ve worked closely with's CSR team with the goal to boost employee engagement in the Booking Cares volunteer program. We've developed multiple internal and external campaigns, a long term communication strategy and a number of interactive impact reports.

The result

2016 turned out to be Booking Cares' best year yet; employee participation increased with 18% and the program's social impact was significantly bigger than previous years.

About Booking Cares

In the Booking Cares program,'s employees are able to spend one day every year on volunteer work for local NGO's. They work on projects that benefit local communities and improve the environment, helping to make tourism in Booking’s destinations more sustainable. 

The problem approached us because a large percentage of their workforce did not yet participate in the Cares program. After conducting several surveys and focus tests, we found that one of the main sentiments lying at the root of the low participation rates was the fact that to many people inside the company it was unclear whether the volunteer program was actually making a long term impact.

To solve this, we developed a strategy and multiple campaigns that combined strong storytelling with powerful data to show the long term impact that the program is making.

Employee engagement

In October 2016, we launched the internal Booking Cares 2016 campaign. It took place over the course of 1 month and combined a series of videos and countless social media outings across multiple channels to reach the following goal; inform, excite and activate employees to participate in the Booking Cares program. 

The results
The campaign's kick-off video shown below turned out to be the most engaged with piece of content on Booking's internal channels and the full campaign realized a strong increase in employee participation.

Campaign visibility

Next to a strong digital presence, we realized offline visibility by distributing a series of posters that celebrated the most impactful projects in each of's regions throughout's 184 offices.

CSR Communication

Aside from the different campaigns, we established a permanent showcase of the programs impact by creating a number of interactive impact reports that combined a pleasant user experience with strong data and great storytelling.

Skyla Rabadi - CSR Manager

"Working with GoodLeap was such a pleasure. What I appreciated most was their flexibility and drive to deliver great results. I definitely recommend them as a great agency to work with!"

Sebastian Cervetto- CSR program manager -

Fast reaction and delivery when needed, great pro-activeness to help and propose solutions and very enjoyable personal approach.

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