Brand Purpose

BRAND Purpose

"Companies that incorporate purpose in their core, end up spending less on marketing and have higher customer satisfaction and retention."
Philip Kotler

Why doing good works

The role of the corporate brand has changed radically; consumers expect transparency, authenticity and a much higher standards of ethical conduct from organisations. People are increasingly looking beyond a product to see whether the brand is one with which they want to align and are changing their consumer behavior accordingly.

Doing good for people and planet and is not only a driver for business growth, we believe it is essential to futureproof your organisation based on the statistics below.

of consumers

expect companies to put more effort into solving society's greatest problems and want to hear what brands are actively doing to have a real impact. Furthermore, 89% of consumers are willing to switch brands, if price and quality are similar, to the ones that are associated with a good cause .*
* Cone Communication Study® 2013

of employees

state they prefer to work at companies that have a strong sense of meaning and purpose. On top of that, these companies have measured a higher rate of employee engagement and employee retention.*
* Edelman GoodPurpose® Study 2012

of millenials

want to work at companies where they can use their skills for societal good. Millenials, who'll make up 75% of the workforce in 2025, are not primarily motivated by money. Rather, they have the strong desire to make the world more compassionate and sustainable.
*Deloitte’s 2015 Millennial Survey