What we do

We add meaning and purpose to your brand by connecting you to causes that resonate with your customers and employees.

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

We gather consumer and employee insights to evaluate your current CSR efforts and to define a strong brand purpose. We create a long term strategy that puts your purpose into action.

Stakeholder Research
Brand Purpose Activation 
Communications Strategy

CSR MVO Communication
CSR Communication

We help you communicate and expand your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in a way that engages people both inside and outside of your organisation.

Employee Engagement
Internal Communication
Marketing & Communications 

Charity Cause Marketing
Charity Marketing

We develop programs and campaigns around your existing non-profit partners or connect you to new charities that bring meaning and purpose to your brand.

Cause Marketing Campaigns
Corporate Giving Programs
Event Materials & Programs

Our method

We've developed the GoodLeap Canvas to map and align your CSR efforts with the values of your customers, employees, brand identity, competition and other stakeholders. 

Aligning these elements leads to a focused brand purpose and provides the basis for creating a strategy that combines creating social with economic value.

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